Welcome to Eating With Ellie!

Have you ever cooked with Ellie Krieger?  If not you need to become familiar with her books and recipes.  They are quick, easy, and healthy.  The emphasis here is on HEALTHY!!

Several years ago many of us were members of “Craving Ellie in My Belly” and cooked with Ellie’s recipes for several years.  The webpage is still there and THAT group is no longer active but THE COOKS are and we aren’t finished with Ellie and her recipes yet.

So here we are – again. With a new site.  New Book.  New enthusiasm.

To begin with we are only using Ellie’s new book –  


Later we will probably branch into some of her other cookbooks. BTW Ellie tweeted that she is working on a new book – we could be here for YEARS!!!

We post every Thursday.  We rotate picking the recipe.  We cook.  We eat.  We have fun.

If you have Weeknight Wonders we hope you join us.  The recipes will be listed on the side with the page number (since we are only using one book for now).

Since we wish to encourage people to buy her books we do not publish her recipes. We are respectful of the fact that these are Ellie’s recipes and the copyright belongs to her.

If you want to join us, and we wish you would, just leave a comment below.


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